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BIC® WITE-OUT® EZ CORRECT, 1/6"in X 39.3"ft, 2 PACK

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Fix mistakes fast with Wite-Out Brand correction tape.
Covers photocopies, faxes, ink, permanent marker and more
0.20" Width x 39.40 ft Length - 1 Line(s) - White Tape - Ergonomic White Dispenser - Tear Resistant, Photo-safe, Odorless - 1 Each - White
  • Film-based - stronger than paper-based tape
  • Tip with side guards to keep it on track
  • Instant corrections
  • Applies dry and easy to use
  • Pack of 2
Correct documents neatly with this four-pack of BIC Wite-Out Brand EZ Correct correction tape. Update information or make simple changes to printed documents with this BIC Wite-Out correction tape. This pack of four comes with dispensers in different colors, each with a contoured shape that makes them comfortable to hold and with a generous 39.3 feet of tear-resistant tape. This EZ Correct tape is great for use with copies and faxes as well as documents printed by hand with ink or marker, providing excellent coverage that does not take time to dry or look messy.
  • Multicolored dispensers with white tape
  • Covers ink, marker and most printed matter for quick and neat corrections
  • Contains four dispensers per pack
  • Contoured shape for comfort
  • Applies dry for convenience
  • Film-based tape resists tears
  • Translucent dispenser body shows how much tape remains
  • Ensures copies and faxes are free of shadows

Neat Results
BIC Wite-Out correction tape is dry upon application, leaving your document ready for rewriting, copying, or filing. This film-based tape does not tear, and it dispenses neatly while providing full coverage even over dark, bold text. Once applied, this tape does not cause shadows to appear when the document is copied or faxed, so your corrections remain discreet and unnoticeable.

This set of four dispensers ensures you have correction tape readily available when you or a coworker needs some. The translucent body lets you see how much tape remains, so you know when you need to grab another dispenser or order more. With excellent coverage, this correction tape eliminates the need to reprint an entire document due to single error.

These dispensers have a specially contoured design that makes them easy to grip and comfortable to hold, letting you smoothly dispense the tape in a single shot. Unlike correction fluid, there is no mess or scent, and there is no need to wait for it to dry before writing over it.

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